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Terms & conditions in engaging Energy Guys to undertake a business energy assessment

Before we undertake an energy assessment at a client’s business we will have had a pre site visit conversation where, in response to our questions, we will be able to supply you with an estimate of our fees.  If this is agreeable we will arrange a  convenient time to undertake our assessment at your premises. If, on arrival, everything is as discussed prior we can confirm our fee estimate.We will undertake the assessment and forward an invoice for the first 50% of the fee.  Upon receipt of payment we will issue an electronic version of our full energy assessment report with all recommendations for energy savings. The remaining 50% of the fee is payable within 7 days of the you receiving your assessment.

Guarantee: if we can’t discover energy savings which, as a minimum. doesn’t cover our energy assessment fee – we will refund the first 50% of the fee.  Savings may be short or longer term.

If you would like any further assistance in implementing any of our recommendations we will provide you with a quote for our continuing consulting.


An energy assessments report is produced as the  result  of preliminary observations and analysis of material provided by clients. Whilst we review all information to assess its reasonableness and internal consistency, we are not able to take into account specific and/or abnormal circumstances that may impact your energy use. In particular, where a lighting reduction unit has been recommended clients should ensure that adequate lighting levels are maintained when the unit is in use. In this regard the manufacturer’s instructions regarding lamp replacement should be adhered to.

Savings estimated in a report may by understated due to the impact of Time of Use pricing (where applicable). Average costs have been assumed, however where appliances primarily operate during peak pricing periods, replacement costs will be even more attractive.

The findings, conclusions and recommendations and all written material contained in the report represents our best professional judgement based on estimated and generic data and visual inspection where appropriate. Recommendations have assumed average conditions and historical usage.

Energy Guys warrants that our services have been performed in a professional manner and in accordance with applicable professional standards.