If energy consumption (electricity or gas) is a significant cost of running your business and you haven’t had an energy assessment in the last few years contact the Energy Guys.

We have carried out hundreds of assessments on all types of businesses – large and small. In all our years we have rarely come across any business that cannot make significant savings. In fact it is so rare that we can confidently give this guarantee:

If the energyguys cannot identify enough energy savings to cover our fee (either short or longer term savings) after our business energy assessment we will refund the cost of our assessment to you.

Identifying and analysing your power consumption is the first part of the energy assessment process. Implementing our recommendations to make short term and longer term savings is the second stage of an energy assessment – and the most important. We can also assist you with the implementation and applying for any potentials grants or rebates.

Costing an energy assessment varies according to the size of your business.  In certain cases significant rebates on the cost of your assessment may be available.  Often there are also various local, state and federal Government incentives for businesses to implement energy saving procedures or purchase new ‘greener’ products. We will be able to advise you of what is available when we know a little more about your business, its size and location.

Take the first step to energy saving –  contact the energyguys.  We will be happy to chat to you about our assessments and procedures.


CONTACT THE ENERGY GUYS > PRE-SITE FACT FINDING CONVERSATION > COST ESTIMATE OF ENERGY ASSESSMENT FEE > SITE VISIT - CONFIRMATION OF FEE > ON-SITE ENERGY ASSESSMENT > PAYMENT OF 50% OF FEE > FULL ENERGY ASSESSMENT REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS > FINAL 50% OF FEE (nb if we cannot highlight energy savings we will refund the first 50% of the fee already paid) > IMPLEMENTATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS Remember - we can only identify inefficiencies and areas where you can save. YOU need to implement our recommendations. We can assist by introducing you to great people who have the products and skills to help you reduce your energy costs.